J. F. Hennessy Company stands on a tradition of providing excellence in engineering and land surveying services, serving Brookline and the Greater Boston community since 1922. It is especially well suited for its surroundings, providing a wide spectrum of professional services from the smallest residential lot stakeout to large construction and development projects. Our staff of engineers and land surveyors stand ready to assist in the successful completion of your project.

Company Profile

J. F. Hennessy Co. is a division of Digital Geographic Technologies, Inc. (DGT) a multi-disciplined consulting firm offering civil engineering and land surveying services.

In 1922, John F. Hennessy, P.E., R.L.S., a civil engineering graduate of MIT, started his private practice in Brookline, Mass. He built upon an existing landscape contracting business started by his father M. E. Hennessy, who had cooperated much with the renowned landscape architect, and Brookline resident, Frederick Law Olmstead, in 1899. Upon his retirement in 1984, Mr. Hennessy sold his civil engineering-land surveying firm to Gunther Engineering, Inc. of Boston. Gunther Engineering and its various divisions, including the J.F. Hennessy Co., came under the ownership of Digital Geographic Technologies, Inc., also a Boston-based firm, in 2006. Thus J.F. Hennessy Company can boast of continuous operations since 1922.

The J.F. Hennessy Company archives contain over 86 years of plans and records. Furthermore, the archives also contain the original field notes and survey records of Aspinwall & Lincoln, a prominent Boston civil engineering and land surveying firm founded in the 1870s with roots in Brookline, as well as all the plans/records of the William S. Crocker Company, successor firm to Aspinwall & Lincoln. Overall, the extensive private archives of the company contain perhaps the most comprehensive private database of geographic information in the Town of Brookline.


J.F. Hennessy Company provides professional engineering services to assist in development, planning, design, construction, investment, financing and refinancing of real estate and public works. Our services include the following:

  • Site Engineering
  • Permit Assistance
  • Environmental Services
  • Environmental Impact Reports (EIN/EIR)
  • Wetlands Studies
  • Land Court & Title Insurance Surveys
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Photogrammetric Mapping
  • Subdivision Design Utility Studies
  • Utility & Site Design
  • Tidewater License Investigations
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Monitoring of Structures
  • Construction Control for High Rise & Other Buildings
  • Land Information Systems (LIS/GIS) Consulting